I’m Carey Wells, Certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) and Reiki Master.

I practice orthomolecular nutritional therapy, which means providing the right nutrients to support an individual’s optimal health.  As humans we must all adhere to certain basic dietary rules in order to survive, but we are also all biochemically unique, with our own, often fluctuating, levels of nutritional needs and stressors.  One of the biggest ways nutritional therapists differ from mainstream dietitians is our huge respect for this key fact.

My science-based education, functional evaluation skills, years of research and own personal journey to wellness via nutrition all combine to help me assess your unique nutritional status and assist you on your (delicious!) journey from surviving to thriving.

I love to empower my clients via education, not just hand them a list of foods to (not) eat or supplements to swallow.  I want you to take this knowledge back to your kitchens, your families and friends, and reclaim your right to a level of health and well-being that will make you excited just to be alive!  Even a few simple changes can have revolutionary results that will impact not only your own lives, but those of future generations.

My focus is on the nutrient dense, properly prepared, whole foods diet that we were designed to eat according to human biochemistry.  To ensure maximum assimilation of these vital nutrients, I also filter out any food allergies and sensitivities, address any urgent nutritional deficiencies and imbalances, and check that all your main functional systems (digestion, blood sugar, endocrine, etc.) are working as they should.  If they are not, we will nutritionally support them back to a healthy state, so that all the great food you will be eating can get where it needs to go to do the job it needs to do.

With a properly functioning digestive system and the proper fuels in the correct ratios for you, you give your body what it needs to create and maintain perfect health.  The process of finding this exact balance of nutrients may sound complex, but with my guidance, you and your loved ones can easily integrate optimal, real food nutrition into your  daily lives, safe in the knowledge you are doing absolutely the best possible thing for your health!